How to Measure Your Ring Size:

Choosing the correct ring size is crucial for your comfort and satisfaction. Our easy-to-follow ring size guide will help you accurately measure your ring size using inches or millimeters. Whether you're buying a ring as a surprise gift or for yourself, follow these instructions to ensure you make the perfect choice.

The typical ring size for women falls within the range of 5 to 7, with most women choosing size 7, whereas for men, it typically spans from 8 to 10.5.

Materials Needed:

  • A piece of string, floss, or a thin strip of paper
  • A ruler with inch and millimeter markings


  1. Wrap the Material: Wrap the string, floss, or paper strip around the base of the finger on which you plan to wear the ring. Make sure it's snug but not too tight.
  2. Mark the Spot: Mark the spot where the material overlaps with a pen.
  3. Measure the Length: Lay the material flat and use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark in inches or millimeters.
  4. Find Your Size: Compare your measurement with the ring size chart below to find your perfect size.

Additional Tips for Accurate Measurement:

  • Best Time to Measure: Measure your finger at the end of the day when it is likely to be at its largest.
  • Temperature Consideration: Avoid measuring when your hands are very cold or very hot, as this can affect the size of your fingers.
  • When in Doubt, Go Larger: If you fall between two sizes, select the larger size for a better fit.

Ring Size Chart:

Ring Sizes Inside Diameter in Inches Inside Diameter in MM
3 0.554 14.1
4 0.586 14.9
5 0.618 15.7
6 0.650 16.5
7 (Preferred Size for Most Women) 0.682 17.3
8 0.714 18.1
9 0.746 18.9
10 0.778 19.8
11 0.810 20.6
12 0.842 21.4
13 0.874 22.2
14 0.906 23.0

Ring Size Chart